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tv   Planning Commission 1716  SFGTV  January 9, 2016 12:00am-2:01am PST

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continue to operate she applied in january of 2014 this is a year later why has she been allowed to work illegally not in the spirit of the average an opportunity to bring their place up to code but like. >> restaurant operating in a year without a permit the commission needs to stop this and have a district compliance to the laws thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> i have two cards (calling names) sam and maybe she's spoken and peter cohen. >> he's spoken and peter cohen. >> i'm in the intend to but sits open of tenderloin citizens
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advisory committee part of the reason i'm speaking last summary a hearing to the tech company tea their ability to houses someone in the city one of the things we had this hearing of the twitter and on the consistent message is was so hard to find housing they're considering to cut back having to hire people or slow down the process is what's does that have to do every time we take 3 air force's off the market it is hard for companies to grow and people to move into the ear we need to look at how we use hours it is a fundamental consideration i'm urging you not to allow the conditional use in that instance to keep the housing stock available thank
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you. >> test wellborn 23 years shows made a lot of money hadn't she that's amazing and i'd like to point out that almost every one of the 2 thousand airbnb units is violating our law does not wait urge the office of short-term rentals not to wait we can fill file on every one of those 2 thousand units tasered on around airbnb how does that thirty day limit something you think should be carried forward in the future maybe suggest the
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board of supervisors consider whether that should be more like 60 or 90 days limiting tourist rentals or someplace that's another policy issue i also like to emphasize that previous speakers point about what this person applied for a conditional use that should have been stopped i urge the office of short-term rentals to find this person in arrears and ask for your back tax to be collected we need to protect our rent-controlled units in san francisco and affordable housing this is so bad thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners peter cohen with the council of housing this is the most egregious case small but how far this goes to regard
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bad behavior and mitigate the conversion of our short-term rentals by permanently converting it to non-housing is outrageous no continuance shouldn't be a matter of discussion but reject this is one of the reasons from the beginning many folks in the rooms room and organization have procuring to stop the trends 3 unit chipping away trying to work around the rules and we're statement to do what prop f couldn't do but you'll have important attempts to convert housing into hotels please establish a precedence of saying no, thank you. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment?
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>> sue hester i submitted a letter on behalf of the united here this is the first on enforcement i haven't seen one it is overdue you have to decide to how and where and how much you are going to use the enforcement office and how much power you have planning code is not just the administrative code like the short-term rental legislation it is hard to explain i got a call out of blue from jennifer last night didn't understand the planning code or anything about how the city works and we can't let that continue
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there's a role for the city government and city mramentd to have do you have the ability do you have the interest in doing enforcement if you do enforceing call up the airbnb listing tare easy to track it's time to have that we have real housing crisis in the city and if we don't face up how we've lost housing a lot of them is short-term rentals their neighborhoods that are not neighborhoods anywhere i used to work for an attorney in knob hill it has a designation of
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housing stock and chinatown around the ends has a loss of housing stock and north beach and hate ashbury i know them and your staff knows them start getting the word out to people that the planning commission is tough i'm hoping you are and the planning department is tough we really need enforcement it is overdue and kind of one of the things that really bother me is everyone can stretch out the process and no penalty it is not legalizing in the legal deck when you have 23 years of open and notorious and having another two years in the
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process oh, you can apply we got to restrict how the planning department uses this thank you. >> calvin chair better sf it is an enforcement use and vexing issue given the fact the board of supervisors bifurcated how enforcement works around the question of short-term rentals clearly share better sf urges you to accept our staffs recommendation and deny this application this is an egresses way to go about solving illegal use of inkroebl scarce affordable units your staff is correct in not recommending i approve that but
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more importantly the kre7b89 of that department is on the line how it is going to be able to insure that of for example, you allow density bonuses thought most of san francisco more affordable housing you can in fact, enforce the fact that those density bonuses in neighborhoods that are permanent will in fact result in permanent housing you can't right now you don't have the mechanisms before you to do that it is incredibly important to start developing those endorsements mechanisms that balance the economic scale let's be clear plus a very profitable business you must devise enforcement mechanisms that takes the profitability out of this severe fines leveled quickly in the case of such
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violations i will support our staffs recommendation urge you tonight to vote to deny this cu application but more importantly enforces overseeing incredibly important laws. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment? >> not seeing any, public comment is closed. i'd like to start off by asking the zoning administrator and someone here from the short-term rental office rental office maybe g if you came back an overview of factual where we are and what violations. >> maybe i'll start with noting two separate issues first enforcement with the enforcement process identify whether or not there is a violation we identify the path to compliance and the
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process to compliance and separating the process what you have before you the land use decision to the decision you make will be based on the merit avenue case alu we recommend disapproval in the motion that is before you now if the commission does disapprove we'll continue with the enforcement action for the project i would note as discussed by members of the public our standard practice policy for enforcement matters once we identify a violation and then someone makes efforts towards compliance we don't pursue enforcement and allow them to cbo to the legalization process that policy is extended to the short-term rentals as they cbo to the short-term rental process to legalize the hotel use in month districts not legalization in rh1 or rh2 but
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most district the pathway to legalization this policy will be change not allowing four those to continue to operate it is an easy enough violation to correct they stop taxi drivers for a shortly we'll continue to enforce and this is in particularly with in their application to legalize the units you have bra if audrey wants to discuss the greater details of this one. >> good afternoon the highlight for the enforcement case starts in the planning code before the legislation passed this entire case is brought through the planning code it was originally filed on 2014 and a notice of complaint a curtsy notice was sent to the
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property owner we didn't receive a response on november 7, 2014, we sent out an enrollment letter detailing the complaint and how to come into compliance ms. solomon called the department staff to how to come being so compliance and she was given the two option that are in front of her and any person that either turning all the rentals into thirty days or filing for the fee application that is obviously what she choose as skoolth mentions from the day she filed the application dwaebl it was to put a stay until heard by the commission that policy will be changing thank you. appreciate that. >> i just want to add one more thing most of enforcements on
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short-term rentals or any enforcements for many matter never comes to the commission the reason this one is before you she's seek to legalize 55 the conditional use but the vast youth authorities of actions on the short-term rentals cases you'll not see the mechanism didn't require a public hearing. >> thanks for reminding me the action is a land use on the action okay commissioner antonini. >> thank you. i'm in agreement with virtually everyone the speakers have said i want to clarify the project sponsor representation tried to make a point that owner was being show you treated different she didn't reside in one of the units of she resided 2, 3, 4 one of the units she'd be restricted to sharing the unit while present
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or renting it as as short-term rental for to number of limited days the renters in the other units presumably will be long term renters will have that same ability so whether she choose to live here as a be full-time residential the law didn't change she's in violation either way i'm very much in favor of d disapproval and i know not compatible with the neighborhood and even though on the other hand, even if it were an area a lot of additional hotels probable not wise to turn this into short-term rental units so and certainly this is being going on for many years now the time is come to keys this operation and make it clear 0 others doing the same thing this will maple to this situation i favor short-term rentals they have to be done under the law
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for the protection of the rental stock. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much a couple of comments and questions for staff i'll end this with a couple of other speakers real quick a highly interesting case definitely nostril contemplating any continuance again interesting to have ms. solomon here she wrote a long memo in their passage a lot of interesting things to say on her thoughts why it went on for two decades predating any of the tools including more the old ones lying craigslist this predates any of that so with the more recent short-term rental issue or law
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so, anyway interesting to have here her, of course, i'm following observe commissioner antonini i totally agree she's not being traeltd definitely under the current law have to be a permanent residents in one of the unit and currently can only rent not sure what day but there are rules in place chases she's going doing illegal under the short-term rental in her long memo shes she mentions some of her tenants she accepted stays longer than 31 days she could continue that activity they're there for more than 3 months and after 31 days they're a tenants or whatever forever so this is not to say the building will be
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vacant tomorrow i just have a quick question for staff so this is we are talking about ongoing enforcements case so maples comps to us liquor you said she decided to bring a request to legalize the activity but i'd like to ask real quick can we talk about the enforcement action what is sort of the ends state how it progresses looking at they are memo she's adamant in the long section for lots of reasons not intend to be a landlord and not enforcing the activity she is currently doing not own the building or not operate or whatever the case the question that's the end phase how did she get there how do we have the
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power of the city and county of san francisco how does that work we don't see most of enforcement actions coming before us. >> a lot of choices for the pertain how they want to proceed being in compliance with the planning code as the legal use of the property it is residential you know they can certainly appeal the decision in the decision is to disapprove they can appeal that to the board of supervisors our enforcement process from the commission takes action to deny this application to legalize the use our enforcement process will consensus tomorrow with the penalty with that that has a process to it they can request a zoning administrator hearing to present information to me why they're not no violation if we find they're in violation still then an appeal to the board of
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appeals and after that, the process hocking would be to refer to the city attorney's office for enforcement and a collection of penalties we'll refer to the bureaucracy of delinquent revenue all the time the revenues are adding up. >> the penalties have not yielded started to accrue that starts tomorrow. >> from the planning commission she has a number of appeal options would that is a fines. >> yeah. >> this can continue to the end of the road which is arriving from the board of appeals to the board of supervisors and the city attorney's office. >> the penalties are tied to the penalties tomorrow if in is denied and appeal processes for that we know we can't to the period of time by ultimately the penalties will accrue either no appeal or begin to accrue after the board of
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appeals action if they've upheld the penalties. >> all right. that's centering. >> but liable for the materials related to enforcement that will be assessing them the time that staff spent over the year handling this complaint. >> i don't know if so this something so for the planning department enforcement it seems to me some sort of accrual that works before that the process you laid out is a long process the board of appeals and board of supervisors. >> that's something developed in communication with the city attorney's office so due process with the parties involved and, yes i understand the frustration there. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner richards. >> so mr. sanchez - please if we depends this today and she
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continued to rent this out and the board of supervisors and board of appeals we can't penalize here. >> not until the decision a final it wouldn't begin until after the board of appeals takes a final action we have multiple penalties for the short-term rental and legislation that was adopted but this is the law. >> sure a regular short-term rental didn't want to be a hotel this is for your team i get caught and don't want to turn it into a hotel when did the penalties occur. >> this is different when a complaint a filed and the violation is found remember this case is handled in the planning code, however, the vast majority of dmraments for short-term
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rentals going forward will be left-hand lane under the code a different set of processes i'm sure you want an explanation here. >> when the penalties autopsy any complaint failed filed as much february 1st, 2015, that law become active from the date the notice of violation is sent to the property owner a little bit different process to get to that stage but that's the first notice the property owner will receive again, there's isn't quite as much time for this type of activity to cbo underground. >> so to use the planning code. >> she has a choice this is simply this complaint was filed no october of 2014 it was before the short-term rental ordinance
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came into effect simply a matter when it was filed. >> prior to february one is handled by planning. >> yes. so we're looking at ways to possible do enforce at the same time under a certain circumstances i can only assure you from the decision to deny this application tomorrow we'll pursue with all applicable means. >> if i park and i get a ticket and appeal that's my due process but in this case you don't have to pay the ticket until you do all our progresses processes maybe we'll discourage the process i'm disappointed on any fronts i've said is it once
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again no housing groups tubbing the loss of housing not any housing group i wish you would talk about the loss of housing but lots of housing i'll keep saying that over and over i looked at the definition of hotel project sponsor from lodging to travelers that's what that is no getting out of this not a hotel it is a hotel but absolutely a hotel i'm disappointed we offered a notice of violation and you're representing this client is flaund e flaunts the law i wish we could penalize here disappoint why we can't find her can we collect back tax what about the tax. >> we have communication with
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the tax collector. >> is this host i guess this in keeper registered. >> no. >> she's not register. >> wow. >> they don't qualify. >> let's see i read the vice president 15 thousand word on site i tell you i couldn't sleep it made me so angry she portrays herself as a victim and we're treating here unin their that is the worst of the worst of the worst an seeing someone evicted that explicit happen that is the tip of the iceberg there are 2 thousand airbnb rentals on the market why are we not going after every single them when you turn our computer on dot com see
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whether their register or in san francisco i'm concerned and disappointed in the short-term rentals is not doing those those units are in violation of the law i don't think the complainant system works if we can't have it on the desk violating the law the system is useful i move we go to a full base system it's hard to sit here and say hey bonuses over the city we have no idea it short-term rentals condominium conversion i see where she's going would you tell us real enforcement that is out of control before we know it penalties need to accrues like
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any parking meter if i don't pay the ticket i'm out with my there cbo after the bad actors i'm not against public policy but we can balance it with preserving of the housing i really hope at some time some point mr. guy do a presentation the vw questions i clearly support that i wish we should we have done this earlier and had the units on the market. >> we're looking at this particular says land use issue value but i'm with you on this office grows finds its way and matures i guess an update.
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>> absolutely. >> commissioner wu. >> thanks so the point of the existing law to make sure that the preliminary residents is the one doing the short-term rental we can august the law is too permissible but as an owner or renter they may do short-term rental so the case where the owner lives elsewhere is clearly not abiding by way we not through our land use; right? we need housing for people to live in on a permanent basis the fact that was brought up the fact those units are rent-controlled units if renters were in them this is the precious housing stock we need to protect i move to approve. >> second. >> second. >> commissioner hillis. >> i was going to ask the project sponsor if he knew what
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ms. solomon was going to do with the prompt we're not in favor of taking unit off the market and know in my neighborhood one someone rents their units you don't do it at the cafe with the sign or craigslist it is easy to do when this is easy to take units off the market. >> thank you for the question ms. solomon will bid by the policy not in the short-term rental business at the current time and was trying tatoui get approval to be in the short-term rental like airbnb that's the question the hotel units is of the view that everyone has to get a hotel license for anything under thirty days that's an explanation that is an issue directly to our question she
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didn't know she may have to rent it out or sell it she's a life-threatening rod those are not low income units. >> make more money long term and was doing this had this is how she did her business. >> we're trying to protect the rental stoke that's lost. >> nothing has been lost she was trying to get approval what she thought was her right but the terms of parking not someone trying to do something different. >> thanks. >> commissioner richards. >> one point of clarification in the socket site essay a lot of people said the same thing they're not - the
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rent-controlled unit are over a long period of time come back in 20 years we rent this out with the 6 index raise i get it not expenditure could be 10 grand a month but in 20 years expensive because of inflation two or three percent a year want to be clear to people thank you. >> commission there is a motion and a second to disapprove the project commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner richards commissioner wu commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 6 to zero. >> (clapping.) call the next item. >> commissioners that places you an 15 abc on golf street an
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adoption of finding confusion and variancnd varianc variancesonfusion variancessio variancc variano variancesdi variancesti varianco variancin variances= varianc= varianc variances variancesn variancesa variancl variancu variances varianceen. >> the commission has further business if you could stack conversation outside that would be great. >> good afternoon commissioner mar woods of department staff the project before you proposes to develop two vacant lots construct an 80 feet mixed use building containing 95 dwelling units including 11 below-market-rate housing a two level church sanctuary for the saint paul's luther republican
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church. >> please ma'am, please exit the chamber quietly. >> thank you sorry ms. one side 60 cars and one hundred bicycle spares and 9 class two biking spaces the church entrances as well as the garage entrance is located on eddy street it requires conditional use for a church on the street footage weirder than 50 feet it is one hundred and 37 feet on eddy and golf street the building height greater than 50 feet it is as opposed to be 80 feet tall the project also requires variances for parking and rear yard modification while the project slightly
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shadows the james weldon johnson square park across the street almost 20 or 2015 the rec and park held a hearing and made a recommendation to the planning commission that the project will not be cast any afternoon shadow on the adjacent park with regards to the environmental review the negative declaration was published in 2015 and amended an june 2015 the staff has prepared a mitigation and reporting program for the project which is part of exhibit c the mitigation related to the construction noise and air quality 3 convenes for the commission to consider related to the project first, the commission must adopt the
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findings related to shadow saying and shadow will not be average to the jerking square park a cooperative the draft motion is in you're packet and the commission must approve the confusion for church for a for this and a building height greater than 50 feet and the zoning administrator must consider the variances that the project is seeking related to parking and rear yard requirements i have not yielded received any correspondence either in support or opposition to the project that concludes any summary the project i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. >> project sponsor please. >> good afternoon. my name is a bret with mary core i'm the
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developer for the project i've been working with saint paul's church for 10 years as you may know st. paul originally moved to the site more than one hundred years ago 1896 their original church burned down in 1995 over 20 years ago and we've been working to develop and design a feasible project for them to return to their home we have worked closely with planning department staff the community and the immediate immediate neighbors
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we have over 61 signatures from the neighbors of support we've also been working with the friends of jerking square park and the chinese-americans international school as our neighbor to the south and we have a letter of support from the cathedral hill association and the local trade unions are here for support. >> we've also worked with the san francisco parks alliance to establish a parks support funds which will go to the upkeep of james weldon johnson square park before i i'm going to turn it over to perry with perry addition i'd like to thank
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planning department staff mary woods and ms. lynch that have's about absolutely great through the whole process here's steve perry. >> good evening turn on the scre screen. >> good evening my name is steve perry with perry architect here to present the design the site is a vacant lot at the intersection of golf and eddy across the street from james weldon johnson square park 8 stories with 95 units 10 thousand square feet sanctuary on the ground floor and lower floor on golf street a new floor for st. paul's luther republican
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church a 6 space parking garage with starkers for bicyclists as quay step back we look at the design of the skyline and as it is designed as builds towards van ness this is the main corridor of city we looked at the lot and use pattern a mix of praurmentd large blocks we have institutional and commercial use on improved predominantly residential use on id e eddy one of the significant patterns is strong street walls facing the park and a beginning grocery making it a defined space views and lights as we focus we look at the context of the
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neighborhood the mixed use the architectural character with predominantly larger faces directly to the south on golf we had a chinese-american school housed in a simple 2 1/2 story building adjacent to the building on eddy a four and a half story and you further down eddy facing the park large vacuums of rigorous designation to the left now into the massing and we look at to the placing and have this it flunks by the patterns starting in the european left the golf street in front to the right and then directly across from the park at massing allows for a 50 foot podium and independence the park
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and it is formed into a u shape for views to the south the sanctuary that is our activated use is facing the park that allows for two volumes and allows for designation of a base the building the polk requirement kicks in at 50 feet with a dynamic of 74 by hundred pushed back and placed to the east to minimized the shadow of the park and reshape the skin. >> to the east this also created a sunlight maximizing to the south the next elevation we look at the typography the pattern of the stepping up the hillside here if you see in the top diagram we have the building stepping up and see we have the program of
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the sanctuary turning at the corner and creating a more emphasized xrrn and on the bottom left a combination between the sanctuary and the residential building and then on the terrace using large elements seen from the street creating a connection to the park and expending the habitat for birds and next elevation this is the golf street elevation the articulate of the materials and administration the intent to create a distinction within the retail formula and sanctuary with the sanctuary provides a strong corner for the sanctioned we've worked in collaboration with david the architect for the church the intent of the exterior to create the design it is current and about today while it reflect back on the original character of the structure we've used the
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sequence to create narrow vertical windows suggesting the irpdz sweeping light and creating surface and texture those rise to the top the podium on the left at the corner with the parapet the termination of the sanctuary those are more sub dues and show a rigorous pattern to the residential facade either plaster or metal panel the next elevation here the street elevation that has the same system wrapping around for the sanctuary is it creates an effect and centered on the interior of the sanctuary above
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the units create a push outlets entrance is a signified by that passing beyond the parapet and makes suggestion to the original form it echo the sanction of the interior art the residential entrance to the left is a strong base and raised planters to soften the entrance of the street it is reduced to 12 feet because of discussion with planning and issues with vehicular and pedestrian safety we placed it at that location for now our above on the left the residential windows reflect the bay windows on the building to the left and then going to the next elevation the opposite elevation
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looking south two terraces and a lower terrace and the tower beyond the next - and this you see the building in context at the corner at the top and then the elevation to the bottom the elevation across the street next slide, please and once we have the residential excuse me. the building looking into the park and the elevation looking to the park to the south next elevation those are some example of materials we're using with metals and plaster and some expression to the streets and with this as you can see on the upper left we have sorry in
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conclusion i'd like to say we're taking a vacant lot and phil in the urban fabric of the neighborhood bringing back st. paul home an snags institution in san francisco for decades and providing crucial housing thank you. >> okay opening it up for public comment (calling names) if you want to line up on that side of the room. >> go ahead, sir. >> whoever is ready to go at bat first there.
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>> 964 eddy street landmark we restored in the last years from the 7 uninhabitable state to a single-family residences we welcome the demonstration of the vacant lot and the project golf street however, i'd like to bring to your attention to some aspects of this project that just by the sheer size of the development you know 95 units over 60
12:49 am
parking spaces could affect 9 effect the existing residents of the block and so trying to minimize this impact so we don't have to be commissioners our single-family residences to a hotel like we've heard in the prior we intend intends to occupy we like our house one of the issues i'd like to bring up to your attention is the fact that the profile the building and the location of the garage was taking into consideration by the rec and park to make it nice on the park side but it seems like the eddy side of the project has not been given much of attention and after afterthought i'd like to
12:50 am
talk about to you about the side of the prong not one but 2 looker-on eddy street is warrior one our victorian and a made backhouse on the corner of eddy and golf the landmark 111 and one 12 is historic landmark and so locating the garage and also the massive number of height of the tower 86 tower on eddy street will definitely threaten to overwhelm those designated landmarks and this is just buildings we're talking about we have to consider the people that
12:51 am
live on the block the sidewalk on eddy street is heavily used by the residents and children and seniors in wheelchairs trying to get to the park. >> thank you. i'm afraid your time is up. >> actually your time is up. >> everyone gets the same in the amount of but you can submit. >> i've submitted several times so this is really my only tuesday night to speak. >> i realize but your time is up. >> >> allocate minute. >> your time is up. >> everyone gets 3 minutes really your time is up. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you, commissioners i'm ralph the attorney for st.
12:52 am
paul's lukt republican church i'll talk about why we're here with that project we view that project our - it was burned down 20 years ago in 1995 st. paul's community went through a number of difficult issues subsequent to that fire first, they have input loss of fire a very beautiful and much taller structure sells the difficulties of dealing with the insurance and third the insurance funds were not near
12:53 am
adequate to replace anything that compared in majesty to the church they lots of and then they were stuck with the problem of how do we get to return to our historic spiritual home how do we get to remain in the community and serve our communities as we've done so so for one and 20 years and what necessary did at this point in time we were charged with the duty of coming up with a plan that would facilitate replace st. paul's church on that site we sold a portion of the site to generate fund and after a number of development ideas and proposals we realized that the
12:54 am
rate to do so was a bootstrap by the facilitating as a means to replace st. paul's we were successful in getting a lot of interest in developers the first developer we partnered with went bankrupt we would through that unfortunately, i ketchup the strings on the property we own it we were able to replace that developer with mar core that has a wonderful project that energies st. paul's to remain thank you. >> next speaker please >> good evening. i'm chair the property committee at st. paul's and here in support of project we believe that after 16 years vacant is it so time for st. paul's to return home to our
12:55 am
historical site the project can help to provide 95 units 11 had been onsite affordable is it so served by transit and contributes to the first policy by giving assess to the bus lines, etc. we're here to once again provide a space for weddings and all things we like to do we're eager to offer the space to community groups like the polk street in alcoholics anonymous to we can have a place for people to gather i can convey my personal appreciation i've gone with the church through several buildings and worked with challenges and very much ready to come home.
12:56 am
>> thank you. next speaker, please i'm pastor dan the pastor at the lutheran church for the last 16 years when i was called to serve this congregation in the midst of a grieving process that began with the disruptions of the building in 1995 the congregation is one year short of one and 50 years old that has provided ministry and preparedness in san francisco for generations of people and i'm proud to be it's pastor i'm more proud of its continued strength and continued vitally including despite the fact it is building of one better than one years was destroyed in 1918 it continues as a vital and a live
12:57 am
congregation in the midst of that tragedy not only for the congregation but for the city of san francisco we have as mr. certifying described maids consistent efforts at reestablishing some presence on the site outline those have fallen victim to a variety of circumstances, however, this project with the company has been a great blessing and we're eager to move forward with our one and 50th anniversary in 2017 with taking position of a new church building and presence at the site of our old site at golf and eddy we are eager to celebrate that fact and celebrate the
12:58 am
continuing ministry of st. paul's to the city of san francisco we have consistently provided deep ministry for many, many generations forgive the past 20 years we have been not exiled but refugees from the home sited would like to return our fate is in you're hands not really in our hands probably a better power that is better sovereignty but i wouldn't want to reduce you're hand on this project but i would urge and eagerly refer you're positive vote and support for this project it is indeed our homecoming.
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> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm larry i've been a member of st. paul's and a residents of san francisco since 1968 i've about this around a while it's been a bad day in 1965 when our church burns we're anxious to get back in we've been attuned to the community and been part of the community whether in the fillmore for that awhile now on polk street active in our community and intend to do so when we get on golf and eddy i find it interesting the victorian across the street is a beautiful building back in the 70s that building was about to be purchased by sacred heart high school and destroyed and
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st. paul was the owner a woman by the name of sally we enabled here to have the building we have an interest in that building i'm sorry people have to get hurt as new projects are developed i think we can work with everyone thank you for your support. >> good evening, commissioners i'm thomas i live on eddy street a block away from the prompt project i'm enthusiastically support this project i love the affordable housing component tea the park i appreciate the care trying to segregate into the neighborhood i have a concern groundbreaking
1:01 am
could be expedited and prefixing this gets cleaned up up a excavation of granger graffiti the two signs taxi drivers this meeting one is you cannot read the other one has been tagged twice i've lived in this building a block away for 11 years i have seen what happens when over tagging occurs shootings so, anyway this project could be compelled i'd be grateful given an earlier comment if it is moved to golf street it is at that intersection where kids like to come down and hit it and
1:02 am
get airborne skate boarders come forward that street and get airborne they'll come forward the skates boarders down slope from us right by a dry off street and the chinese-american elementary school that is just opted i understand that concerns of increased traffic that would happen to residents actually commercial off eddy electricity sew disastrous given the vertical block kids are airborne and the school is there thank you for your time thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening, commissioners thank you for your time i'm dana member of st. paul's for 29
1:03 am
years, of course, i'm in support of this project very much i want to remind you of a couple of things st. paul's has been doing ministry to homeless people to many people in our city st. paul's was a hospital after the first quarter and helped any service men after they returned home after the wars our outreach is outdoor we hope you'll allow us to return to our site we're looking forward to 2017 we'll celebrate one and 50 years of middle street in to san francisco and thank you, very much. and hope you'll vote to approve this project thank you. >> good evening commissioner president fong and commissioners
1:04 am
and happy new year by way of that clock is about 4 minutes behind so somewhere in any event jim born and raised in the mission district and passed the half century eastbound mark you recall what existed and the fact that that congregation this congregation lost their home i know what it means to be me where i have been a parish in her this is an excellent project i'm sure you'll support this it needs to return having heard the project sponsor and it's represent saying the trades were present i have to say i would be remiss if i didn't get up and ask the congregation they'll not supports local hire on this
1:05 am
particular prestige a perfect opportunities to establish a apprenticeship project and i entered within when internal revenue 18 years old it was recycle going to college he turned out in 3 years never working more than 8 to extend minutes from home in years i hope we'll give an opportunity in the black and brown community to be in a motion to provide a december sent standard of living those are life-changing i hope the congregation and pastor is supportive of the general contractor there are some
1:06 am
contractors offering one apprenticeship position where the black and brown need it the most and our presence is scholl and surely going away i wish this congregation all the best and thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening commissioners thank you for having us. this project is absolutely individualized to our neighborhood we must have it that provides for housing no loots more housing some affordable but most importantly about safety i am in a building we've had to deal with a lot of safety issues in the areas over 60 signatures in our pack of people not here saying we want that building and all the
1:07 am
signatures are from our building over 90 percent supportive y where do you get that in san francisco why, why did we do it we want eyes and areas no residential units around that sacred heart and souls and this housing development at&t's and the chinese-american kids moved down the street there's a lot of area for like no eyes and ears question needs them to protect our parking how many times do we have to have our windows smashed all the time in that area, no eyes and ears this is mower just housing but about safety let's look at some of this stuff if you could turn this on please this is what we've dealt with an openly opening to the fence so
1:08 am
people can get in the church does it's best to fence it in but about 3 months that will be broken into trust me every three to four months another picture shows the debris that is left around thomas made a great point will the symptoms and nothing like that we have people entering that yard and spray painting the building next door and putting graffiti on the building to make it look like a dump i don't want to live in a dump i love james weldon johnson park we fled this housing project that is about survivalist lastly looking at this picture very for this picture shows that vacant lot been vacant for 20 years every
1:09 am
sense they kicked the people out drugs den for graffiti you name it what is important you'll see that it literally has a great view the september 11th you can't see the park to the west the eyes and areas are focused back to what thomas was talking about that hill is the indie 5 hundred kids come off the hill it kind of fun to watch them sometimes but it is dangerous but he's are right if you're underlying trying to avoid the yellow light you're car is in the your you see all the marks it is important that the garagestasis stays only eddy you put the garage on golf and the next thing you know someone is underlying and literally turns other right e.r. left and kills
1:10 am
someone please support in project and thank you very much for allowing me to speak. >> good evening initiations joel representing the electrical with work local 6 representatives from sheet metal you plumbers 38 and 403 were in attendance had to leave we're in strong support of the project committed to work with us not a last minute commitment or deal we've had this arrangement for awhile very reinsuring people are up front and committing to
1:11 am
this process early on let me remind you i was here two months ago for a similar project on 6th street there was some developer benefits grand with i on a two floor height increase and a shadow on a park with no such commitment to working with the trades even more reason why we're here supporting mary core and balancing the benefits with community benefits the workers other than in project will get paid a good marching wage that helps the journey people and journalists to stay here providing a apprenticeship pathway to the city's youth and enable those workers to recycle their wages
1:12 am
into the economy once again please approve this. >> good evening, commissioners rob pool with the action housing coalition can i have the overhead please can i have the overhead so we saw this project back in july our members are supportive of that from the density prospective this has been vacant clearly none enjoys what it is and replaces that with 95 homes with a sanctuary we're supportive and the affordability meets with the san francisco basic guidelines with 12 percent bmr's we suggest to developers to look at the inclusionary bonus program but those are ideas and so we encourage developers to try to increase
1:13 am
the percentage and the transportation stand point we support the high parking bike ratio with support in reducing the parking ratio down to .5 would be good and looking at the data how i suggest bringing it up the transform databases how parking in san francisco but neither here nor there preservation nothing to preserve user design liked the way they tied into the ground floor sanction but suggested increasing the articulation along the golf street facade and after we sent the letter the developer sent me a renderings of that facade and environmental features they mentioned some of the goals for striving for good and san francisco has high
1:14 am
standards we appreciate those being boosted and finally communities input we're supportive to james weldon johnson park with the parks alliance we think that is terrific we hope they talk to the neighbors we support the project hope you do >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> okay public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. >> thank you very supportive of this project an excellence project have a question for mary woods please about the parking from what i'm reading 61 parking spaces on stanford are those for the residence or the churchgoers. >> it's mostly for residents only 4 spaces are for the church. >> okay usually almost all churches i've seen have parking
1:15 am
for the people many of whom driving their cars i'm not sure what the plan for the future maybe something with st. mary's and sharing with they're brothers workout that. >> so the church is unique in terms of the parking requirements it is based on number of seats that is going to be in the sanctuary so for this church they don't expected to go beyond the 200 seats that's the threshold had the parking kicks in uniquely not a parking requirement for the church use. >> technical they are very timely but every church has parking for their people this is a decision that st. paul's has to be worked to accommodate that
1:16 am
thing and as far as the residence are concerned probable absence you're probably at .6 i'm not sure the ratio but i assume it works not the easiest place to park but that is very good i have a couple of other things happy to see that happen it's been vacant for 16 years maybe longer than that i think it burned down in the mid 90s i guess. >> 95 okay. so it is a lot more the 2021 years coming up on 21 i think that is terrific the way you worked the church into the design how high is the steeple above the roof explicit look like that high does anyone
1:17 am
know the red steeple step outside the box feet okay i mean from my own point of view it would be better it is narrower this is a personal feeling it might have less than of an impact on the windows of the residents that are looking over the area if it were narrower or taller landmark the church to someone that is coming that way other than that a great project all the right things and i'm very supportive. >> for the past 21 or 22 years i've been looking to my left what a dump a nuisance what will happen there that is happened over and over i'm supportive of the proximately and hoping that commissioner moore will make a motion. >> no lead question he express
1:18 am
my supports for the project it is a sensitive design and we're tired of particular why'd accelerated ballads driving behavior and steve mcqueen underlying over the intersection to the disadvantaged of certain cars but having said that, the project i think does all the things we expect it i believe it is a nice maker to put the sanctuary on the corner and it is unusual kind of separate architecture it sets the modern example in a typical way it is. >> john: what it is and the only thing i always say i hope this particular corner will come before the scrutiny of vision zero this is a dangerous cyclist corner for people to cross
1:19 am
indeed people try to cross with the yellow light has to be said i think more people will come from the west sanctuary and people from the east moving towards the parks needs additional scrutiny for pedestrian safety as to what that requires slowing down the street both frank to and from the free are did the streets i'd like to comment on the very, very thorough and axiliary shadow study to keep those experts in undermine as one of the best shadow studies it makes you understand what is happening i move to approve. >> second. >> second. >> if i may commissioners item 15 to adopt the vshtdz for the shadow and move on to the. >> that's part of any motion.
1:20 am
>> you phrase it. >> two motions. >> okay. the first motion to accept the environmental. >> adopt the finding the no adverse effect. >> as you note i have a hard times hearing you adopt the findings. >> for no adverse effect of shadows and then approve the project with conditions as noticed second. >> commissioners there is a motion and a second to adopt efkd of no adverse effect commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commer rissionhards commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 6 to zero and then
1:21 am
for the monoxide to approve with conditions the conditional use authorization commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner richards commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes that motion carries 6 to zero zoning administrator on the matter of the variance what say you close the public hearings and grants the notices. >> thank you. >> commissioners that places us on item 16 record number 2014 dash 000 at 32 organ street a request for a conditional use authorization. >> the case about before you to conduct the vertical and
1:22 am
horizontal two story single-family homes the project is cutters for the zoning controls by the board of supervisors specifically it seeks to increase the siege the building by more than 100 percent and excess of 3 thousand square feet while increasing the legal count by one unit it was filed with the department on 2014 prior to the zoning controls the project with 4 thousand plus square feet has been reduce in terms of square footage with the 3 application meeting own 8 hundred plus square feet the current proposal
1:23 am
has been revised since its submittal for the specific concerns from the adjacent neighbors the adjacent properties to the north the concerns are focused around the potential for shading onto the solar panes and sunlight reduction in the lower floor the project has pulled the roof after the side property lines in line to insure no shading will occur the design has been revised from the setback shared property line by 8 feet 9 inches on the adjacent own property and provides for a total sprams between the new project and the neighbors existing windows for the adjacent neighbors to the south f this concerns that impact close to the property lines and the project has been
1:24 am
pulled away from the entire length of the building a 4 feet separation between the windows except for one small kitchen window not the only window in the room the project is slightly deeper the adjacent proposed and the mass has been closer to the deeper adjacent building to the setting the height of the promoted building is similar to the neighborhood of the left and the site height is two supervisors seen at the just a few minutes properties. the vertical addition setback and 17 feet in total from the front property line it is barley visible the project results in studying the zoning controls sense small the staff report it
1:25 am
was substantially revised january 4th to include a second units by increasing the excavation at the first floor the project proposes to add a small studio dwelling unit at the first floor the rh2 supports the density and on balance makes 9 project more likeable to the city's housing supply it is desirable is creates a family sized units maintains the character the neighborhood and arrangement of the existing building the promoted project didn't exceed the lot coverage threshold and is entirely code compliant we've received 36 e-mails in opposition and has been opposed by the heights
1:26 am
association and the eureka valley association the staff recommends approval with the general plan that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions >> thank you project sponsor please. >> good afternoon let me get organized here please. >> get this thing in.
1:27 am
>> thanks very much i'm jonathan the reason we're here because of the legislation that created the interim controls for the corona heights neighborhood the
1:28 am
neighborhood felt that was over run by large monster homes and specifically the neighborhood character was lost but i'm here to show we're adding a large mulch of the square footage not a monster home not large or over scale and not alternating the character of the neighborhood this house is designed to be sensitive to the neighborhood to reserve the character the facade are found throughout san francisco the exist curve cut will be retained so virtually from the street no change to the character of the neighborhood the former and scale is sensitive to the neighborhood as well as the neighbors 59 percent of expansion is hidden from view
1:29 am
of the neighbors or street the third floor addition is 17 feet back from the street line at one thousand 50 square footage is 41 percent of the expansion of this house little third floor was setback to not effect the house and windows to the south and then it was also setback as mentioned 8 foot nine creating an 8 feet 3 separation in the back the rear of the third floor is setback on the opposite side by between 4 feet 6 and put in a glass a railing in the back it is similar in scale and it is identical to the floor and is 8 foot lower then the ridge of ordstree
1:30 am
street. >> this house is buried into the hillside so it was hard to develop a decedent house without adding a floor the intent thought legislation this is directly from the legislation the planning code occurred development that preserves the existing neighborhood character yet within the boundary have been 6th district at large larger and bulkier this will not look like it is changed with the third floor addition you can barely see it from the street when you look at the constitutional numbers we have an existing garage in the basement 200 square feet we're adding square footage to create
1:31 am
internal circulation from the garage up the entire basement level is hidden by the exact same garage door but takes a car off the street we're increasing the garage by 31 percent but the second floor on this increases the square footage by 36 percent and the third floor is 41 percent of increase the project we believe that because of the constraint of the hill if this project meets the intent of the code so ceqa finding then as you can see here this is the difference the europe one is existing and the lower one proposed if you're standing on the opposite side and beyond and kind of barely see the new setback above the first finding
1:32 am
the promoted use provided a development that is necessary and desirable it is compatible we're leaving the house that is there we create a new residential unit more affordable for a person moving into the potrero and 63 percent of the base is underground another one of the pieces of legislation is 51 percent we're 5 foot of setback from the rear yard property line and the other finding i know i think the findings two talks about the nature of the proposed site and as i said a challenge of the steepness so we've handles that in a way it is both respectful
1:33 am
to the community and the immediate neighbors and issues of privacy come up in the finding we've spent allotment and beatings and changed the design as recently as depress changed the design of the rear of the building so there is no windows facing into either see property line so only windows on the back that face into the rear yard of the property also on the front setback a deck on thirty ordering very a back faces the street and nobody can stands on the deck we're looking at privacy issues for both housing. >> another view and in this view you can't say see the addition no change in this particular view those are both
1:34 am
other view from the opposite subscription so the finding 3 the prong is code compliant and this is many enforcement with the stated purpose of the applicable use district so it seems like two pieces does the project meets the interim controls and the other the residential guidelines does in project respect the houses on either side i went through the design guidelines on page 7 it talks about the design preserves the neighborhood character we did that and that replaces the typography this building goes up the hill and at the back of the house is liltd only one story above the existing grade and in the discovering envelope 22 feet
1:35 am
below that and it is articulated at the rear yard to minimize light to adjacent properties we've done it on page 17 respect the privacy of neighborhoods and pages 18 and 19 respect the scale of the street and the setbacking you can't see that page 25 xashlg with the scale the mid block open space and the new are third floor matches the parapet height with the highway on one side and 8 feet lower like three or four feet below one of the housed it completely leaves the entire rear yard having said that, we were four percent less than the rear yard
1:36 am
requirement page 28 the building is compatible with the sooushd building with the former is compatible and the third floor is a flat roof similar to almost all the buildings on this block on page 47 the materials are compatible with those in surrounding areas we are replace siding with wood penalize a house across the street that has shrinkers and across all of san francisco within the big challenges it seems to me i don't know is that such a challenge the gentleman to the north of the project has been focused on the fact that he's claims of our shadowing is solar panels i know you probable cannot see this in you're packet this diagram represents the
1:37 am
worst case avenue shadowing this is on the first day of winter it creates the deepest longer it shadows at 9 o'clock in the morning we are barely attaching one solar panel the gentleman may say i don't believe we have a say and used software is reputable and my client will work with the gentleman any shadowing he'll pay to move the solar panel i hope that puts it to r i'm hoping approve the conditional use authorization we've preserved the character and done a good job to be
1:38 am
respectable. >> opening it up for public comment. >> any speaker cards christine. >> those who want to speak line up on that see of the room you can organize yourselves that saves a lot of time. >> good evening my name is mar, i have lived near the corner of ord street you're seeing fallen faces that speaks to the overbuilding in the
1:39 am
neighborhoods despite the short 10 day notice during the holidays one and 19 neighbors have taken the time to review this application they decided to oppose it to spread the work or words and the backing of two neighborhood organization this is a concerted effort of a community that stands together as you may know at our request supervisor wiener extraordinary interim controls with an intelligent to have a bloated project before you say is second conditional use increase in legislation the first one was for 223 ord court the board of supervisors amazing favored a resolution that honors that legislation this decision sets a power precedence such as the one
1:40 am
before you 32 ord street requires a conditional use that exceeds the allowable square footage gross square footage refers to the total surface area including the basement that prevents a developer to convert to a space using an over-the-counter permit and it is not on the location front back or below grade are the same no mention of go magnificence the single beginning element is gross square footage that's all we understand there is a recent offer by the developer because it is not been formalized or submitted our presentations are based on the packet 32 ord street it is one thousand plus
1:41 am
ghetto square feet single-family homes this developer can expand it to gross square feet watt a conditional use permit doing that would create the largest single-family home and it could absorb about but the current developer wishes to build 4 thousand plus square feet that violates the legislation that - a conditional use authorization should be denied unless it is necessary and desirable for the community and it is compatible and not detrimental i don't believe this particular site and this plan is necessary and desirable for the neighborhood thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you my name is ricky live on state
1:42 am
street for 8 years i'm here representing also a client not able to mistake it she asked me to read it unfortunately she's out of the country so in her absence she asked to read e-mails she sent you to 2013, the cu authorization of the interim controls was made as a serious zoning control i know overseeing stipulations she was one that helped to work on is legislation with scott wiener office now with the hands of the planning commission to set the bar high for granting authorization corneas with the legislation interim controls shouldn't be by weak interpretation that means if a project should be denied if it
1:43 am
has the support of surrounding neighborhood in terms of in project is never necessary or desirable it is not having the support of surrounding neighborhood the project on ord street meets never the conditional use criteria is a poster child for a project that is opposed by the neighborhood no overriding entitlements that allows the square footage to be exceeded the confusion should be denied on those grounds and addition the negative impacts on the neighborhood would be resolved thank you very much.
1:44 am
>> good evening shrink it perfect. >> good evening. i'm tom, i live at 88 museum way i want to discuss if this is capable with the neighborhoods we took the information map and color coded the heat map that map didn't includes the basement areas but serves the compatible purpose it discoveries one and four buildings with ord street you highlighted by the red arrow at the bottom even larger than 50 unit buildings 3 you structures would be bigger and 48 stairs and number the one others map a
1:45 am
6 unit this and a two unit building nearby the developers recent offer was not available so we couldn't comment and the interim controls 32 ord street keys it by 16 hundred plus square feet that assess represents a descent sized home the proposal is completely ousted the scale and he perfectly show shows our interims were - i'm going to put you up a map of the interim controls this proposal has detrimental effects on the immediate neighbors and sets a precedence with an impact on the entire area covered by legislation i
1:46 am
respectfully ask you to honor the conditional use authorization and deny this this is incomparable with the neighborhood thank you. >> my partner and i bought that place of over neighborhood we can't think about no place in san francisco weeds rather live our neighborhood is a modest of two and 3 single-family homes the change in our neighborhood has been amazing not in a good
1:47 am
way just south an enormous structure was builds thereer only four apartments in the place over 4 thousand square feet my understanding one of the apartments is rendered for $15,000 per month i want to propose scott wiener when he property to the land use and transportation committee on march 9, 2015 oversized homes are tripled and quad ripped oversized so this is what you're neighborhood is subject to people coming 13w09s area and contradicting for the mega rich what is that the city and county
1:48 am
of san francisco has building code to protect neighborhood and those developers build 4 thousand square feet homes under the guys our city needs more housing since 2005 ord street has seen several large extension larger than 7 thousand living space we are did but one or two rentals were turned into a other place the developer benefits from adding a single studio than the community ask the interim controls now allows him to expand by more than 75 percent 100 percent i'm asking you
1:49 am
commissioners to just say no, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good evening my name is marty live on stairway in order to obtain a conditional use authorization the developer has to demonstrate that 4 thousand seven hundred plus 1kw50e789 single-family is desirable for the neighborhoods i live next to 34 ord street i've enjoyed looking at it for 5 years it is a charming house and provides beautiful open space what is desirable amounts to more than than a restoration it provides plenty of room nun requires conditional use
1:50 am
in my search to define what was desirable i turned to the application itself please allow me to quote the applicant talks about minor material changes modest proposal for minimal virtual no change and little difference that doesn't sound like anything that is desirable to me in fact, it sounds like the developer has many benefits and advantages to himself very little for the immediate neighborhood and over communities that effects it to the west and like the application says that will be virtual from countless places in the hilly area with nearby
1:51 am
public stairs and parks is it reduces the access to air both of which are undesirable it sets a horrible precedence it renders over interim controls i respectfully ask the commission to deny conditional use to 3 to offenders street there is nothing desirable in our neighborhood thank you. >> good evening, commissioners i'm living and working on ord street through today is my fourth appearance the first one i'm speaking about a indirect
1:52 am
impact on our home we bought it if a family that lives in it for 4 years it was an elderly lady i acknowledge with 2 thousand unemploy our home is sizeable i'm generally not opposed to 32 ord street if it creates a large home having said that, i'm worried about the psychologically will effect our sunlight concerns that could be affiliated with interim controls as you can see in the picture our living room is at the lower level recessed between structures the steep up slope creates a 3:00 p.m. average sun sets we're not one but 2 stories are adams our property will not
1:53 am
be shaded by the addition that is consistent with statements that were made to us the upper left photo was taken on december 23rd at noon sunlight was principled to our living room wall impair compare it to the conditions new shading is a created in the winter all sunlight is begun we saw the study is it allows him to august our living room is supposed to be shaded and his addition whether make no difference, in fact, that will our present submitted the documentation to you, we expect 9 developer to be
1:54 am
accountant to work with the statements in his omen he 0 e own application honoring the scombrmz will give him plenty of room he'll not have to push the envelope he respectfully ask you to deny the use of 32 ord street it is detrimental to us and it is the application is incorrect ask the developer to not interfere with our sunlight in the living room thank you. >> good evening, commissioners i live at 30 ord street we are
1:55 am
circling surround by two large developments left and right this cu application states our sunlights and also, you are solar system will be protected this is consistent with what we've been told, however, because shadows and the developers contradict our outcomes we like over solar company to determine the future agreement on the litigation as a condition of approval living room access to air and privacy sleer system those have been dual discussed and document at a merging one and a half years ago unfortunately, the sheer scale the project didn't allow the project sponsor to verify on his claims he we're expected to
1:56 am
accept this we've invited him to take measurements we've tried to discuss in good faith and provided conduct did you have suggestion the designs have been designed surround without improving anything except it on the project interim controls they prevent keys until the project sponsor can - nothing exceptional about this home but the size i respectfully ask you to deny the conditional use for ord street it is detrimental to the neighbors and because the application is incorrect please further direct the developer from trevor with sunlight with
1:57 am
our solar paneling than you. >> i'm stephen the owners of the homes to the seat belting our hose is 3 units 3 families downstairs a two people work at usf a young couple and in the back a gardener i've always been in support of the remodel of that house and looking forward to having a nice home nearby and with the third floor it will completely block 2 of our windows we're probable going to have to replace those windows my issue is really to the degree the third floor extension has to reach as far back as it does now
1:58 am
by doing so it blocks the two windows i've mentioned but block the only window in the children's bedroom as well another set of windows in the family room it struck me this is my sense all along a very large home can be built consistent with the zoning regulations anyway not having a major impact on the back of the house i appreciate your attention thank you. >> good evening commission i'm gary white i'm president of the corporate he's he and on the planning use committee both organizations boundary one of the focuses of our neighborhood organizations is to preserve and
1:59 am
maintain the characteristics of the neighborhoods to make a a sgieshl place to live we were replaced by other homes month residents were frustrated a handful from corporate heats and eureka valley worked with scott wiener offices when was drafting the legislation our hope it passed if the neighborhood leade cross the city we hope that the planning department will do the same the project sponsor promoted to triple the size of the single-family to almost 5 thousand square feet without adding any additional units when our neighborhood associations get involved we were fulfilled
2:00 am
with his request that the project be scaled down donor the immediate neighborhoods neighbors to reduce the horizontal and verticalal extension we arranged did meeting with the gentlemen to express our frustration that mr. washington was saying that was the primary importance he conducted 9 neighbors and he asked to contact the people i told mr. pealing man, i would contact him with changes to the plans the requests referred mostly to reducing the horizontal and verticalal extension he wait until 3 days ago to eliminate the


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